Business Development Support

We provide multiple business support services to both Japanese and Indian firms starting from Business Development Support to Operational Management Support in cross cultural environment with the help of our experienced professional team.

Business Expansion

We have been in the business support services for almost a decade now. Having been involved in providing Japanese language related and other business support, we have developed excellent business links with companies engaged in various sectors e.g. Automobile Industry, Steel Industry, Power Sector, IT and FMCG etc. Based on the requirements of business expansion in a particular sector, we also facilitate meetings, discussions of business plans with top hierarchy and feasibility of collaboration between Indo-Japanese companies.

Assisting Overseas Business Delegation

We have also been assisting various Overseas Business Delegations from Japan in meeting their business requirements in India and vice-versa. Our front-end and back-end team ensures that all their related needs in terms of facilitating and scheduling of business meetings at various companies, travel and hotel stay and leisure and sight-seeing trips to must see places in India is handled in a most professional manner.

Real Estate Services

In order to develop business relations and long term engagement with desired industries in the country, suitable real estate space for business or personal use in an inescapable requirement. In order to facilitate the same, we provide full support to both Indian and Japanese companies in finding the right physical space for business and personal purpose. We have real estate industry experts with over 30 years of experience in handling land deals. They have worked with some of the best real estate companies in the Delhi/NCR region for more than three decades.

Liaison and Lobbying Work

In the past one and half decades, the business ties between India and Japan have seen a very high growth. Japan has helped finance many infrastructure projects in India and is currently India's third largest source of foreign direct investment. Annual survey conducted by the Japan Bank for International Co-operation ranked India as the most promising overseas investment destination for Japanese companies over the long term. The India-Japan Bilateral Trade is expected to reach US$ 25 billion by 2014.Significantly, the presence of Japanese companies in India has increased from 555 sites in 2008 to 1,422 sites in 2011 and is expected to reach 2,500 sites by 2015. During the recent five day visit of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to Japan in August-September 2014, Japanese government has promised an investment of more than $ 35 Billion US Dollars (3.5 Trillion Yen) in India in next five years for developmental projects. In order to facilitate business links and explore investments in various sectors, we facilitate liaison and lobbying work with government departments and private industry, to enable fostering of business ties for mutual growth and benefits.